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Letter to Investors – April
May 9, 2022

In this month’s Letter to Investors we describe the market segment that our Global Opportunities Fund invests into and explain the forces that have been driving recent underperformance. We also outline some modest changes we have made to portfolio positioning given a slowing global growth landscape.

By Andrew Mitchell & Steven Ng
Co-founders and Senior Portfolio Managers

3 vital facts about our investment ‘style’ and performance in the current environment
May 9, 2022

No one investing style wins in all market environments, many go in and out of favour through time. In this month’s Investment Strategy Note we cover how our investment style is defined and which parts of the business cycle we can expect it to do well in and which parts it is likely to find the most challenging.

Letter to Investors – March
April 14, 2022

In this month’s Letter to Investors we focus on the recent underperformance of the Ophir funds and look back to late 2016 and early 2017 when our funds experienced similar levels of underperformance. We also discuss the recent yield curve inversion in the US and what this could mean for the global economy and share market returns.

7 enduring truths about shares and volatility
April 13, 2022

In this month’s Investment Strategy Note we highlight the 7 enduring truths that can help investors ride the share market’s gyrations to harvest the amazing returns on offer.  


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