January 31, 2019
Letters to Investors – January 2019

By Andrew Mitchell & Steven Ng
Co-founders and Senior Portfolio Managers

letter to investors

Both Ophir Funds delivered strong returns in January, as global equity markets embraced a more accomodative Fed and benign corporate earnings season in the US.

Dear Fellow Investors,

Welcome to the January 2019 Ophir Letter to Investors – thank you for investing alongside us for the long term.

Update on Ophir High Conviction Fund (ASX:OPH) – Ophir Staff Purchases

As most would be aware, a close alignment of interests between portfolio managers and unitholders has long been a key pillar of the Ophir business.

The recent listing of the Ophir High Conviction Fund (ASX:OPH) has provided us with an ability to once again allocate additional personal investments into the Fund, with both Senior Portfolio Managers recently purchasing an additional $500k in OPH units on-market.

These purchases come in addition to further increased investments from the wider Ophir staff since the listing of the fund, ensuring your capital continues to be managed in the same way that we manage our own.

Download the full report here.


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