We invest your capital the same way we invest ourselves.

At Ophir, when we invite individuals and institutions to ‘invest with us’, the offer carries two distinct meanings.

The first is an invitation to entrust your capital with the Ophir team and the extensive experience and track record the investment managers bring with them in delivering long term outperformance in the small and mid-cap space.

We’re also inviting you to invest alongside our own personal investments. The Ophir Funds represent the only liquid investment of the Senior Portfolio Managers and their families, ensuring close alignment between investors and managers.

How to Invest

  • For New Investors

    To request information and documentation on the Ophir Fund’s currently available for investment, please complete the form below.

  • For Existing Investors

    Due to capacity constraints, additional investments are not currently available in the Ophir Opportunities Fund.

    As a Listed Investment Trust, new and existing investors can purchase units in the Ophir High Conviction Fund (ASX:OPH) via their stockbroker or online trading platform.

  • For Institutional Investors & Financial Advisors

    For institutional investors and financial advisors looking for further information on how to access the Ophir Funds, please contact Investment Director George Chirakis on george.chirakis@ophiram.com or +61 (0) 2 8006 5476.